Beginning my First Big Project

So I far have a cursory doodle of the chassis for The Slowest Art Car. It will be constructed in the Roomba style of robotics and will have a post for patio umbrella and in the future a custom umbrella to make it look more like a giant turtle that you climb into it’s shell and relax. Then, when you are well rested to venture off in a new place, though the veiw will take a while to change being that the motors will be stepped way down and I hope to go about .5 to maybe 1 mile per an hour.

This robot will also feature a Raspberry Pi brain and an Arduino control board, and who known maybe I’ll be able to teach it to hold a very rudimentary conversation or at least it’ll listen when you say “Turtle, Stop.” it will listen. The umbrella will sport ultrasonic sensors to prevent it from knocking into stuff and the bumper plates mounted to the chassis will ensure that no one will get run over by accident… only on purpose, but don’t worry like my favorite pit bulls I will raise this Robo with kindness and it will learn such from me.

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