I am currently putting the finishing touches on my real world tools. If you wish to see my work in the real, I am currently showing at the Arcosanti Resident Artshow located at Arcosanti, AZ. If your in the neighborhood check it out. Arcosanti.org I know that I used to give a good tour when I lived there, so I imagine they still do a good job.


Hello and welcome to the Workshop of Fojikey Tikiman. Fojikey is an artist philosophy discovered by yours truly after years of research using emotional intent and it’s effects on art work. to achieve Fojikey one has to make with intent and imbue their personal positive energy into their work. (The same happens with other energies, but I have chosen to leave them unnamed in case someone else wishes to label such action.) In my correct workshop I shall be exploring the worlds of metal. Melting, smelting, molding, grinding, welding, forging, cutting, playing, hitting, drilling, and whatever other verbs that I may attempt in my discovery of new things to make. Luckily I share my workshop with good friends with other interests so don’t think me limited to the realms of metal. I have had visions of future development and who knows maybe I’ll dust off the old printing press.

The Garden at Fojikey’s Workshop

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March 30, 2020

Good News Everyone! We have begun transplanting and we will be doing this is shifts so that we can practice social distancing… because practice makes perfect.

March 29, 2020

Alright, now that the Menu is all up to date, I better get to transplanting. here are pictures of all their progress and labeled too! Funny enough the Dwarf Siberian Kale has leapt into the lead.

March 28, 2020

Fojikey’s Workshop is proud to present the beginnings of hopefully many of your gardens. We have begun to grow and we are close to our first transplants . Here are some pictures from the last 6 days.

Plant Requests

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